Arakaza Sizen Park is built on the artificial ground over the Tokyo Mikawashima Wastewater Treatment plant.This park is the 2nd park developed on sewage treatment facilities after Ochiai Central Park of Shinjukuin Tokyo .In 1982, this park was selected as one of ‘New Tokyo 100 Views’ and became a scenic spot in Tokyo.

This park is composed of three zones based on the construction terms.In 1974, the center zone opened equipped with an athletic area for tennis court and baseball field added with children’s park, swimming pools and lawn open space.
In 1979, the south side opened to provide with the athletic open space, a waterside open space, a wild grass garden and insect watching park.
In this opening the former name ‘ Mikawashima disposal plant park’ was changed the name to present ‘ Arakaza Sizen Park’ by award of public offering.
In 1996, the last north side zone was completed for traffic garden and lawn open space.The park has a number of trees and plant species with many different varieties of insects and birds,which gives us a good place for nature watching.The promenade is also good for walking and strolling.
We look forward to your visit.

Arakaza Sizen Park INFOMATION
ADDRESS:8-25-3, Arakawa, city Arakawa, Tokyo
Establishment date:April,1974
Closed Days:the 1rd,3rd Thursdays every month.
(except for nationai holidays on Thursday,in which case the park is open on the holiday,it is closed next day.)
December 29 ~ January 3